PayPerLead is an ad network pioneer in the GCC and MENA countries , representing ,more than 150 advanced sites in specialized areas including finance , sports and women's affairs, news and social media, automotive, bussiness, and many others. Ad media network managed to access to the largest number of internet users in the Arab world , where the actual number of visitors to the network's sites reaches 40 million visitor per month, while the number of imperessions goes above 1.7 billion per month.

for Advertisers

Let your ad reach millions of consumers in the Middle East and North Africa, through the technologies developed to target your audience according to their interests and their geographical places,Managing more than 100 Arabic sites of the most visited sites in the region with a diversity of content within our advertising network gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience based on what they like.

for Publishers

PayPerLead provides advertising solutions to a variety of website owners to help them in making financial revenue from their visitors from the Middle East and North Africa. Our work with hundreds of Arabic websites earned us a deeper experience and knowledge in how to meet the needs of each owner of a Web site and treat each case separately.